The cultivation of coffee along the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro is a labour of love. Only the choicest pea berry beans from the ripest cherries are harvested and processed in the creation of this, one of the world's finest coffee flavours.

Bru Exotica Kilimanjaro is sourced from the heart of the breathtaking Mount Kilimanjaro. Grown under the shade of banana trees at an altitude of 4000 - 6000 ft, its smooth, velvety texture and lingering aroma offer a truly delectable coffee drinking experience.

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It was the 16th century when coffee came to Tanzania, brought in by intrepid traders from what is now Ethiopia.

But rather than using it as a beverage that you'd brew, the locals used it as a stimulant that you'd chew.

The Haya tribe began using the beans as money, and coffee became the region's official currency.

Coffee from here tasted most heavenly, because the cherries were handpicked from every tree.

What made it more special was each peaberry bean, which was chosen from a hundred after being carefully seen.

Creating a coffee that tasted rich and fruity, originating from a land of great natural beauty.

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